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Quite close as well, Poitier Airport (70km)

Very cute village in the Claise Valley, Chaumussay is very welcoming with the river flowing in its midst. The arch-stone bridge have seen generations of people walking, cycling, driving. From the Stations of the Cross, the Saint Marc fountain falls down into the river and is illuminated at night. It is a former pilgrimage location as the waters of the fountains were known to heal sight troubles.

15km from the cottage "La Villate" and Châtellerault (city), near the thermal cures from La Roche-Posay, this natural golf course located in the middle of the woods is going up and down hills and you’ll enjoy walks around a peaceful 3ha lake. This is a very nice golf course, very well designed, never once monotonous, with fairways sliding in the midst of pine trees. It requires certains technical and tactical abilities. for your enjoyment: 18-hole golf course.

The Touraine Gold Course is a very beautiful course and very well tended. You will enjoy natural obstacles such as lakes, streams, ponds. It is very often classified as the mos beautiful golf course in «Indre-et-Loire» (heart of the Loire Valley), its 18 holes are well designed and word well together. They allow amateurs and more professional players to exploit best the 50 hectares of the «Domaine de la Touche». Discover or come back...

The Futuroscope Animation Theme Park brings you the fun and opportunity to live or re-live fnatastic experiences around four themes: explore, dare, dream and play. When it comes to daring, nothing is better then the show "Danse with the Robots" that will litterally bring yo up in the air. Are you about exploring? How about desocering "Under the World’s seas" in 3D? Or course, the day isn’t complete until you have attented fo the magnificent night show, a 3D show on water jet streams!


Dallais Restaurant in the village «Petit-Pressigny» (4 kilometers from the cottage «La Villate», very raffined kitchen and elegant decor

The Zoo de Beauval is very involved inprotecting threatened species and classified as one of the 15 most beautiful Zoos in the world. The ZooParc de Beauval is a magical and unforgettable palce. More than 4000 animals, koalas, okapis, white tigers, white lions, lamantins, etc living within exceptional installations : tropical greenhouses, plains.


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Discover the Loire Valley Castles. This website is both a learning opportunity and a cultural area for you to get to know the Loire Valley and help you prepare your stay. you will find there the most beautiful castle and cities from the Centre of France, numerous photographs and useful tips!


Parck «La Haute-Touche». Located between Paris and Limoges, à 50km West of Chateauroux and 3km North of Azay le Ferron, this wild theme park spreads into the heart of a very dense forest. 480 hectares in total, and 100 open to the public where you can discover more than 1000 animals from 5 continents.


Discover the beauty of Loire Valley’s landscapes and gardens.


The European Dermatology Thermal Cure station is famous for its waters (calming and hearling effects), a truly ‘silky water». LA ROCHE POSAY. This path (healing people from all over France) was officialised in the XVI century.

Restaurant Dallais

All the castles of the Loire Valley can be rediscovered in the mini-castle overview park, as miniatures. Discover them as if you were giants for once.

2 millions of water and more than 40 pools: discover these giants that live in the Loire, and in other rivers and wordlwide oceans. A tour full of exceptional scenes where the whole family can have fune, dream and travel...

Aquarium de Tourainehttp://www.chateauxloire.com

A bit further away but still very accessible: Medieval shows in the Puy du Fou: when thePuy du Fou castle was discovered on 13 June 1977, it was nothing more than a ruin. 30 years later, the Puy du Fou is a worldwide success-story with more than 1,2 million visitors every year.

Le Puy du Fouhttp://www.chateauxloire.com

Bodin’s shows, dvds, films, famous in Touraine, discovered in Paris a couple of years ago, a few national films now... go see them:

Les Bodin’s (regional show)http://www.chateauxloire.com

Visit this very cute village and enjoy climbing there as well.

Climb in Angles sur l’Anglinhttp://www.chateauxloire.com

Discover the Unesco protected landscape and travel through it. The Loire Valley is the biggest protected site in France: 280 km long between Sully-sur-Loire (Loiret) and Chalonnes-sur-Loire (Anjou).Discover its beautiful luminescent landscapes and the way men find their natural place amongst nature.

Loire Valleyhttp://www.chateauxloire.com

5 km from the cottage, this very important place for Prehistoric Times, the Prehistoric Museum of the Grand-Pressigny is located in a protected historic environment, one of the most southern Loire Castles. Middle-Age and Renaissance Architectures co-live in this castle that contains very rich archeologic collections from Paleolithic to Bronze Age. The stone « Pounds of Butter » and exceptional long flint blades exported in the IIIe Millenanium are its jewels.

Grand Pressigny Castlehttp://www.chateauxloire.com

Use Tours International Airport (70 from the cottage) flights from and to England, Ireland, Portugal, and so many more holiday destinations.

Tours International Airporthttp://www.chateauxloire.com
Poitiers Airporthttp://www.chateauxloire.com

A Beautiful 5 Star cottage  in the Loire Valley